A Little About Jeff

Jefferson Nunn is a passionate Democrat running for Texas House District 67, representing the vibrant community in Collin County. With a deep commitment to community empowerment, Nunn aims to bring positive change and strong Democratic leadership to the district.

With a diverse professional background in industries ranging from media and publishing to software engineering and business management, Nunn brings a broad perspective and valuable skills to address the challenges faced by District 67. Rooted in the core Democratic principles of social justice, equality, and inclusivity, Nunn advocates for affordable healthcare, quality education, equitable economic opportunities, and common-sense gun safety measures.

Nunn’s dedication to serving the community extends beyond his political aspirations. He actively supports local candidates and grassroots initiatives that align with the Democratic Party’s values, emphasizing the importance of unity and progress. Through his advocacy work with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Act Blue, and the Biotoxin Foundation, Nunn demonstrates his unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes and uplifting others.

Jefferson Nunn’s candidacy offers a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to Democratic principles, providing a strong voice for the concerns, needs, and aspirations of the residents of District 67. With his innovative ideas and genuine passion for public service, Nunn aims to build a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for the community he proudly represents.



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