“I recognize the diverse and complex challenges that span the vast landscapes of Texas. I am dedicated to finding enduring solutions, and I pledge to address these urgent issues with steadfast determination. Join me on the path to building a stronger and more resilient Texas.”

Championing Common-Sense Gun Reform for Texan Safety

As a strong supporter of the constitution and our right to bear arms, I believe in the importance of owning guns to protect ourselves and our families. That being said, through the mass-shootings in Uvalde, El Paso, and Allen, we as Texans have witnessed first hand the damage that weapons of war cause in our communities. As your representative, I will be a proud advocate of common-sense gun reform that prioritizes safety without infringing on your rights.

Standing Up for LGBTQ+ Rights in Texas

All Texans deserve to be able to love who they love. The current rhetoric of government officials in the lone star state regarding LGBTQ+ citizens is nothing short of bullying: picking on and invalidating the identities of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. We as a government must approach this issue with empathy, and although I oppose gender-reassignment surgery for minors, I will always fight for legislation that supports the identities and freedoms of LGBTQ+ Texans.

Defending Personal Freedom: Upholding Women’s Reproductive Rights

As your representative, I will always stand against the infringement of your personal freedoms. Whether you’re for or against abortion, we should all be able to agree that politicians like Greg Abbott and Jeff Leach should never impede on a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body.

Secure Borders: Advocating for Reform and Humanity

The state of the southern border is deeply concerning, and, as your representative, I will proudly support legislation to reform the immigration process and keep our communities safe. However, regardless of party affiliation, we should all be appalled and angered by politicians like Greg Abbot and Jeff Leach facilitating and celebrating the harming, dehumanizing, and trafficking of migrant families and children. Humanity and reform are not and should never be mutually exclusive, and I pledge to always fight for both.

Funding Our Public Schools

Although I believe parents should be the ones deciding where their children go to school, whether it be public or private, I stand against funding vouchers for private and charter schools, which simply put more money into the pockets of the elite at the expense of working families. I will always advocate for greater investment in the public schools that millions of children, such as my own, depend on for a quality education.

Environment and Energy:

There are several steps that we must take to protect our environment and ensure reliable energy for all Texans. We must reduce emissions from gas and oil to meet the needs of environmentally conscious buyers, increase employment revolving around green energy to create jobs and ensure Texas’ role as a titan of energy for the next generation, and enforce more diligent weatherization standards for infrastructure to prevent future energy collapses similar to the grid failure that cost hundreds of lives.

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